5 Simple Steps For Summer Ready Feet

5 Simple Steps For Summer Ready Feet

Sandal season is here, and this means it’s time to pay your feet some much-needed attention, especially after a year of lockdown living. But fear not, there are a few super simple ways for you to get your feet ready for summer. 

Read on to get your feet sandal-ready, and fast.

Buff Away The Dead Skin

Getting rid of dry heels and coarse skin is the first step to beach-ready feet. Exfoliating will remove the layers of dead skin, which allows deeper penetration by your moisturiser. 

Remember to always file or buff your feet on dry skin, as doing it on wet skin weakens the tissue, making it more susceptible to infection, and the file won't stick as well, resulting in ineffective skin removal, and the results won’t last for as long. 

There are a handful of ways you can exfoliate your pieds:

  • Dry Pumice - If done right, filing your feet with a pumice or foot file will reveal soft, smooth feet with no hint of dead skin. On dry feet, try a file with a grit of 100, target all the concerned areas such as the heels and big toe, then follow it with a finer grit, around 180, to smooth it out. 
  • Foot Scrub - If you want to exfoliate in the shower, a body scrub can do an excellent job at softening your feet. You can be a bit rougher on your soles than you would with the rest of your body because feet have thicker skin. Our  body scrub has poppy seeds, sugar, pumice, and Himalayan sea salt to thoroughly buff off your dead skin to reveal fresh feet. 
  • Soaking - If you want a lazy fix, soaking your feet is an excellent way to rid your soles of dry skin. Add some sea salt or Himalayan salt to slough off your dead skin as you sit back and relax. 

  • No matter what method you choose, it’s essential to moisturise your feet after exfoliating to seal in the moisturiser. More on that later. 

    Care For Your Toes

    Although you can hide them with polish, your toes and nails can often show the most wear on your feet! Taking care of your nails will make your overall foot look so much better. 

    When you remove all your leftover polish, preferably using a non-acetone remover to keep your nails healthy, it’s essential to give your nails a break from polish every now and then, so it may be worthwhile waiting a few days before you slap a new colour on. 

    Pre soaked nails will be the easiest to trim, whether after a dedicated soaking session or just after a shower or bath. Use a nail brush to gently scrub your nails to ensure they are completely clean and fresh. 

    Using a nail clipper, trim your toenails straight across, this will not only give you a professionally groomed look, but it can also prevent an ingrown nail from growing. File the nails and soften the edges with a crystal nail file. 

    A crystal nail file is ideal since it lasts forever, is hygienic, and aids in promoting healthy nail development while also sealing the nail tip.

    Hydrate Your Skin

    Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your feet needs to be hydrated too! A layer of moisture after you’ve buffed and showered is necessary to keep the skin looking good and keep your heels from cracking. 

    A heavy, moisturising lotion or a hydrating  body oil work perfectly on the feet. Often, the greasier the moisturiser, the better for dry, cracked heels. It’s important to moisturise, whatever option you choose, as soon as you get out of the shower or bath for best absorption. You should be doing this every time you wash your feet or daily for drier feet. 

    Try to avoid rubbing the moisturiser between your toes, as this extra moisture can cause fungus growth, which is not what we want for sandal weather. 

    Feel Free To Shave

    If you’d like to remove the hair on your feet or your toes (remember, it’s your decision), then it’s important to do it properly to avoid ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Remember that shaving doesn't make your hair grow back thicker or faster; this is just a myth.

    When shaving, always use a sharp razor. When shaving, if your razor tugs at your body hair or feels uncomfortable on your skin, it's time to replace it. A single blade razor, such as a safety razor, is always preferred over a multi-blade razor.

    Using the right shaving cream will help you have a superior shaving experience. We like traditional shaving soap or cream because it lathers effectively and covers the skin, allowing the blade to glide smoothly over it. 

    Shave carefully and steadily in the direction of hair development, avoiding going over the same regions too many times. Keep in mind that your hair may grow in different directions, so change the direction of the strokes accordingly. After each stroke, rinse your blade to remove any hair or shaving cream residue.

    To avoid nipping yourself, be extra cautious around bonier parts like your ankles and toes.  Read our complete shaving guide for our top shaving tips

    Polish Your Toes

    To finish off your at-home salon experience, add a splash of colour to your toes for the transformative power of nail polish. 

    Simply apply a fresh coat of polish; we prefer brighter, lighter colours, and they are the most flattering hues for the feet and finish with a glossy topcoat. Apply oil around your cuticles for glowing skin. 


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