Meet Liz Allen, Folli Oil Founder

A few years ago I lived in Barbados, where the pressure to expose hair-free skin was far greater than in the UK. I couldn't hide my legs in jeans or avoid being seen in swimwear because it was just too hot and life revolved around the beach.

This caused a huge amount of stress and embarrassment because my skin was so unhappy after shaving and waxing.  I frequently suffered from sore and inflamed ingrown hairs, red bumps and itchy re-growth and this really affected my confidence.  I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I would literally hide and miss out on social or family activities because I was so self-conscious about the appearance of my skin.

I knew about skincare, having re-trained in Beauty Therapy after having my children, but nothing I did seemed to help and all the products I tried just didn't work on my sensitive skin.

When my teenage daughter began experiencing the same reaction after waxing, I didn't want her to suffer as I had.  So I trained in cosmetic formulation and spent years researching, developing and formulating until I created Folli Oil.

Conscious and ethical beauty is really important to me so I've chosen only natural, sustainable ingredients in my formulations and all packaging is recyclable.  The products have been tested on willing humans, not animals.  We make our products in the beautiful Cotswolds in small batches, to ensure they are as fresh and effective as possible.

Folli Oil has been life-changing for me (and my daughters) and I hope that discovering our products enable you to live your life to the full.


Liz x

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