Why a break from grooming may be good for your skin

Why a break from grooming may be good for your skin

With waxing salons still inaccessible during the lockdown, your skin can benefit from this forced break from grooming.

You may have turned from waxing to shaving, or maybe you've stopped shaving altogether. Either way, a break from hair removal will help your skin, particularly if you suffer from bumps or ingrown hairs.

Frequent shaving or waxing causes trauma to the skin resulting in uncomfortable rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs. A break will allow your skin to heal as continued shaving or waxing over existing bumps or ingrown hairs will make them worse.  

You can help your skin regenerate during this time by doing two things:


Dry skin brushing or the use of a body scrub twice a week will help shed the build-up of dead skin, allowing the hair the grow freely out of the follicle. Our Body Scrub dissolves dead skin cells and also hydrates the skin. It's packed with repairing antioxidants to help fade scars and stretch marks.


Daily moisturising will soften, hydrate and help protect your skin's lipid barrier. Folli Oil Daily Treatment Oil contains skin-nourishing oils to soothe irritation, cleanse the hair follicle and hydrate and repair your skin. It also softens your hair and is great for your cuticles and split ends!

Bespoke advice

Don't forget, we offer tailored skincare advice so if you need any help with your skincare concern, get in touch by emailing liz@follioil.com.

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