It's time to spring clean your skincare routine

It's time to spring clean your skincare routine

The changing of seasons can be tricky for our skin. Here’s a few tips to help your skin adapt to the warmer weather.

Sweep away dead skin

Your skin may feel dry and coarse from an accumulation of dead skin cells. The first step is to exfoliate to get rid of these dull cells on the surface to make way for fresher, plumper new cells underneath. This will also help your skin absorb the active ingredients in any products you apply afterwards.

TLC for the eyes

If you suffer from hay fever, you may experience puffiness around your eyes. Give yourself a light finger massage around the eye area to help drain away excess fluid. Using your ring finger, circle the skin around the eye socket.

Apply eye cream in the evening to avoid looking puffy and remember to apply this before moisturising so the eye cream goes onto bare skin.

Double cleanse

Cleansing at night is even more important if you’ve been wearing makeup or sunscreen in the day as these products are designed to stick to the skin. Deep clean your skin with double cleansing: the first cleanse removes impurities and make-up from the skin allowing the second cleanse to penetrate even further for deep cleansing results.

To really boost your spring routine, follow your double cleanse with a 15 minute gentle mask. Perhaps a clay mask to draw out impurities or a brightening mask to remove dead skin. Finish with your usual routine.

Increase your SPF

Make sure you’re adding a separate sunscreen to your routine, perhaps look for makeup primers with added SPF to help makeup glide on better. Look for a minimum of SPF30+ with both UVA and UVB protection.

Use lightweight formulations

With the warmer weather, ease back on rich, thick creams and instead choose lightweight, non-greasy day and night creams. Lighter textures are more hydrating and can penetrate further into the skin carrying the active ingredients to the deeper layers.

Wash your brushes

Makeup brushes and beauty blenders can quickly build-up spot-causing bacteria. Give your brushes a deep clean and leave them to dry flat.

Check product expiry dates

The preservatives in products don’t last forever and using expired products could expose your skin to bacteria. Also, active ingredients lose their effectiveness over time so the product might not work as well. As a general rule, anything you’ve had open for a year is probably near expiry.

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