A Guide to Exfoliating Before and After Shaving and Waxing

A Guide to Exfoliating Before and After Shaving and Waxing

As winter's gloom recedes, making way for sunnier days, we can finally bid farewell to our cosy nests of blankets and woolly socks. It's time to embrace the great outdoors and welcome the warmer weather by showcasing our fabulous ankles! So, let's brush off the dust from those ankle-skimming jeans and uncover the secrets to smooth irresistible skin.

Exfoliating plays a crucial role in any skincare routine, but timing is everything when it comes to hair removal. Let's explore the science of exfoliating before and after shaving and waxing to keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic.

Before Shaving: The Art of Exfoliating

The secret to a silky shave lies in thorough preparation. Skipping exfoliation before shaving can result in irritated skin and pesky razor bumps.

Exfoliating pre-shave eliminates dead skin cells and helps lift the hairs, enabling a closer and more comfortable shave. Use a gentle scrub or even a dry brush 24 hours before shaving to prime your skin for action. Remember to exercise moderation—you don't want to end up with a crimson complexion!

After Shaving: Nurture and Shield Your Skin

Having mastered pre-shave exfoliation, it's time to pamper your skin post-shave. Wait 24 to 48 hours before exfoliating again to prevent irritation. For sensitive skin, consider waiting a bit longer. Moisturise thoroughly after shaving to keep your skin hydrated and content, maintaining the silky, ankle-revealing finish we all desire!

Waxing Wisdom: Exfoliating Expertise

For waxing aficionados, adjust your exfoliating regime accordingly. Exfoliate 24 to 48 hours before your waxing appointment to dislodge ingrown hairs and eliminate dead skin cells. Refrain from exfoliating on the waxing day, as your skin will be extra sensitive.

Post-wax, hold off on exfoliating for at least 72 hours to allow your skin time to recover and heal. Once ready, use a gentle scrub to maintain a smooth, bump-free surface.

Armed with these exfoliating insights, confidently step into your sandals and proudly display your freshly-liberated ankles. Embrace the sunshine and strut your stuff—your smooth, exfoliated skin will thank you for it! 😎


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