How to dry brush your skin

How to dry brush your skin

Dry brushing is a powerful way to exfoliate your skin and the benefits aren't just superficial. It's been practiced for years to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve circulation and exfoliate skin.

It's not just the pores of our skin that need our focus but also the lymph glands, just beneath our skin, that can become sluggish with toxic waste.

What is our lymphatic system?

It's like a one-way drainage system, it moves fluid from our body's tissues into the blood stream, getting rid of any waste that our cells make and transporting white blood cells to fight infection.

We have many lymph nodes and ducts located in different parts of our body where the fluid is filtered and collects before emptying into the veins and rejoining the blood circulation. Interestingly the lymphatic system does not have a pumping system to move the fluid so it's good to help it along!

Massage is excellent in helping the lymph fluid drain but not many of us have the time or money for a weekly massage which is why dry brushing is an effective, cheap and easy alternative.

It's important to brush in the directional flow of the lymph towards the nodes where the fluid will drain. The picture below shows the location of the main nodes to brush towards but a good rule is to brush towards the heart.


Benefits of dry brushing

Boosts circulation: the physical act of brushing the skin pushes more blood to the skin tissues which carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones and enzymes around the body.

Aids lymphatic drainage: dry brushing helps push the waste fluid towards the nodes and ducts so it can drain.

Exfoliates dead skin: as with other forms of manual exfoliation (such as body scrubs and mitts), dry brushing helps to get rid of dirt, sweat, oil and dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant, smoother skin. This also helps to keep the hair follicles clear to prevent ingrown hairs.

Plumps the skin: some people see an improvement in the appearance of cellulite after dry brushing. 

Wakes you up: we recommend dry brushing every morning, before you shower. You'll feel invigorated and wide awake!

How to dry brush

  1. Make sure your skin is completely dry.
  2. Use small strokes initially 5 times, followed by long, sweeping strokes 5 times, all in the direction towards the lymph nodes.
  3. Start at your feet and brush up your legs towards your groin.
  4. Now brush your arms, starting at your fingers, brush upwards towards your armpits.
  5. Brush your stomach in circles in a clockwise direction, finishing in your armpits.
  6. Brush your back in long, upward strokes up your back towards your armpits.
  7. After dry brushing, take a cool shower to help remove the dry skin.
  8. After your shower, dry off and apply a body oil or lotion to moisturise. Your freshly exfoliated skin will enable the product to penetrate deeply into your pores. Our Daily Treatment Oil is perfect as it will nourish your skin and help to prevent ingrown hairs.

How often to dry brush

Your skin may be slightly pink after brushing, this is normal but it shouldn't be red, raw or scratched in any way. If you're new to brushing, start 1-2 times a week and build up to once a day.

Top tip 

  • Don't use the brush on your face, it's way too harsh!
  • Clean your brush in warm soapy water every couple of weeks and leave to dry.
  • Use a brush made with natural materials. Our Body Brush is consciously crafted with FSC® Certified Beechwood and combined with soft natural bristles, it's perfect for a beginner. The bristles are uniquely cut to form a soft curve which helps the brush to work smoothly and softly over your body contours for ease of use and maximum benefits.


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