Ingrown hairs, should you pluck them out?

Ingrown hairs, should you pluck them out?

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you should pluck out an ingrown hair. They can be so painful it's hard not to pick at them. 

It's a common misconception that shaving with a blunt razor can cause ingrown hair - actually waxing and plucking cause more ingrown hairs! These methods remove the hair by the root, leaving space for the hair to grow under the skin and can cause infection.

If you have an ingrown hair, the best way to address this is to get a sterile pin or tweezers and, without piercing the skin, try to lift the hair so that it can grow freely.

If this isn't possible to do without breaking the surface, hold a warm flannel to the area to help the pores open. Gently rub in a circular motion to help release the trapped hair. 

Treat the area with a mild antiseptic to prevent infection. Folli Oil Emergency Fix treats ingrown hairs in two ways.

  • Exfoliating Tonic has antiseptic properties to help prevent infection and also unclogs the hair follicle, helping the hair to grow freely.
  • Intensive Care soothes inflammation and helps the skin to heal and regenerate.

Here are a few Dos and Don'ts:


✔️ Shave in the direction of hair growth.

✔️ Use as few strokes of the razor as possible.

✔️ Rinse the razor after every stroke.

✔️ Exfoliate to release any trapped hairs.

✔️ Use a product to calm and soothe any inflammation after shaving, such as Folli Oil Daily Treatment Oil.

✔️ Try different hair removal methods or take a break from hair removal to allow the skin to heal.


❌ Don't shave too close - this can leave the hair follicle exposed to bacteria.

❌ Don't use a blunt razor - use a fresh, sharp blade (preferably with a single blade rather than multiple blades).

❌ Don't scratch, squeeze or pick ingrown hairs as this may damage your skin and cause infection and potentially scarring.

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