What Is Cellulite? Everything You Needed To Know About Cellulite

What Is Cellulite? Everything You Needed To Know About Cellulite

Though entirely natural and purely a cosmetic issue, cellulite is a big bugbear for many women who experience it. Dermatologists says up to 98% of women have cellulite, compared to only 10% of men, the skin dimpling usually shows up post-puberty and tends to intensify with age. 

Cellulite wasn’t always seen as a bodily imperfection, though. It has been depicted in famous paintings and sculptures for centuries, but in the early 1900s, the French media scorned it as an unattractive feature, and women started seeing it as a flaw.

Read on to learn more about cellulite, whether it is an issue, and how to get rid of it. 

What Is Cellulite?

First off, cellulite isn’t fat; that is a myth. Instead, it refers to the appearance of the skin when fat tissue pushes through the fibrous bands, called septae, that connects skin to muscle. This is what gives skin an orange-peel look that many relate cellulite to.

These fibrous bands pull, or tether, the skin leading to the dimpled appearance of cellulite.  Loss of skin thickness, loose skin, and sun damage, often caused by ageing, can also contribute to the appearance of cellulite. 

What Causes Cellulite?

There isn’t simply one cause of cellulite; little is actually known about what causes it, though several factors such as genetics and lifestyle are thought to be involved. Weight and muscle tone may affect whether you have cellulite, though very fit people can often have it.

Apart from genes and hormones, unhealthy lifestyles can increase the likelihood of cellulite appearing. This is because those with an unhealthy lifestyle are more likely to accumulate fat cells, which push on the skin causing it to dimple.

Poor circulation or a sedentary lifestyle can also cause cellulite. A lack of blood flow can restrict our bodies’ regeneration and repair. Without good circulation, our skin can become weaker, meaning cellulite is more likely to appear. 

Can You Actually Get Rid Of Cellulite?

In short, no, you cannot get rid of cellulite. Not at home at least. Without some sort of surgery, those who are naturally dispositioned to have cellulite will find it a near possibility to remove. 

That being said, there are a handful of ways you can reduce the appearance of cellulite, read on to learn more. 

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Does Working Out Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Exercises that are meant to firm and tone the muscles as well as tighten the skin will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Still, one of the biggest misconceptions about cellulite is that it only affects people who are overweight. 

People think they can easily exercise away cellulite, but that’s not always the case. As cellulite is a structural issue, losing weight may not even work. Lax skin due to weight loss can often make cellulite even more noticeable, too. 

Coffee Scrub For Cellulite

There is no magic cream or lotion that is going to make your cellulite disappear overnight, but coffee scrubs can help temporarily smooth and tighten the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

The caffeine in coffee scrubs causes the blood vessels to constrict and the fat cells to temporarily shrink. The scrub also helps to remove dead skin cells and create a smoother, more even appearance to the skin. 

Dry Brushing For Cellulite?

Whether it’s an exfoliating body wash, a scrubbing glove, or a dedicated body scrub, exfoliating will help you to revive and rejuvenate your skin, and plump, hydrated skin looks less bumpy. However, the best way to exfoliate away cellulite is to dry brush.

Dry brushing is a skincare treatment that involves sweeping a stiff-bristled brush across your skin in long, even strokes. It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and increases skin elasticity. Dry brushing has also been part of traditional ayurvedic medicine for centuries. 

To dry brush effectively, choose a brush with natural bristles. A long-handled brush is excellent for getting into the harder to reach areas of your body, like your back and bum. Start at your ankles and brush upwards forwards the heart, using long, steady strokes. Spend more time brushing areas that tend to be ignored, like your inner thighs, backs of your arms and below your bum.

This technique increases blood flow and stimulates the collagen process, which we know will thicken your skin and lessen the appearance of fat cells. Dry brush before you shower so you can wash off the dead skin that is buffed from your body. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

As we mentioned, unless you’re ready to go under the knife and get a medical procedure to remove it, you cannot actually get rid of cellulite. 

All of the treatments mentioned above help to reduce the appearance of cellulite have varying timeframes, but dry-brushing or exfoliating can often reduce cellulite straight away, although you will need to keep up with the treatments as the results do fade. 

Taking care of yourself and your skin, through actions like moisturising, dry brushing, and keeping fit will make your skin look good and you feel great, regardless of cellulite. 


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