Hot/Cold Stone Therapy

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy

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Experience the therapeutic contrasts of temperature. Warm stones ease muscle tension, while cold stones soothe and reduce inflammation. This duality ensures a revitalising and deeply relaxing experience.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling more than 24 hours from your appointment

Need to cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment? No problem! Simply sign into your account and click “cancel,” or call us on 07790 387009.

Cancelling within 24 hours

Cancellations within 24 hours have a £25 fee.

Late Policy

We kindly ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled treatment so that you have time to check in, settle, and start your facial promptly. Arriving past your scheduled start time will result in a shortened treatment. New clients, please arrive 10 minutes early so you can fill out our first-timer form.

Running late? Please give us a heads-up by 07790 387009. Those arriving 10+ minutes after their start time will not be serviced and will incur a £25 fee.

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